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List of websites in Japan
This is just a sample list of popular places SMJ can order from. We can order from nearly any online website. Want to ask about a site? Please contact us!
* = supported Japanese "auction" or "shop" site.
* Yahoo Auctions * Yahoo Shopping * Rakuten Auctions * Rakuten Shopping * Mbok Auctions
* Amazon Japan * Animate Online * Calamel Shopping Bidders (now Dena) * Dengekiya
EC Navi (seach) * ebTen K-Books / C-Queen E-na Shopping * Hobby Search
Kakaku (search) * Konamistyle * Kotobukiya Livedoor Shopping Mandarake
* 7 Net Shopping Nagomi * Premium Bandai * Sofmap * Suruga Ya
Shopping Feed (search) Yodobashi Coneco